Violinmethodology Qui van Woerdekom
enhancing the methodology training of the violin teacher

As can already be deducted from the subtitle, the DVD is primarily meant to assist the methodology in the education of violin teachers. However, every interested violin teacher is invited to discover this product, published on the user-friendly medium of DVD.

Through many years, Qui van Woerdekom has built up a great experience in the specific field of violin methodology. At his retirement he was requested to develop audio-visual material to pass on his knowledge to future generations of violin teachers. The DVD series is not a "violin method"; the material should be considered as the start of the necessary basis and repertoire of operations that should be familiar to every (future) violin teacher. Because didactical aspects play no central role, the (technical) instruction is not connected to any model of education.

The complete English box is now available.

The DVD series found its way in Europe after a presentation of the English version during an international conference of ESTA at Malta.

After that, he was asked to give workshops and courses at music departments of Universities and refreshment courses for teachers and members of ESTA (European String Teachers Association) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In Thailand he worked with the teachers of the Bangkok Symfonie Orchestra Musicschool and in Australia he gave lectures and workshops for AUSTA (Australian String Teachers Association) and Universities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. .

The project is a production from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, the Netherlands and has been enabled by the YEHUDI MENUHIN foundation and the KERSJES foundation.


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